: : Who we are
3P Consulting is one of the leading Management consulting companies in Bulgaria.

What we do is to help medium and big-sized companies and organizations to improve their productivity and internal organization, to optimize costs and enhance management skills of their Managers and Supervisors. All this leads to better competitiveness and profitability in short and long term perspective.

What makes us unique in the Bulgarian market is the combination of three facts:

1) Unique know-how and experience, developed by working for many years in a leading international company in that field.

2) Exceptionally useful combination of: a) proposing, designing and implementing of organizational action plans and b) building of tailor-made software management systems, including smart mobile applications.

3) Knowing the particularities of the management mentality in Bulgaria and the opportunity to efficiently communicate with Managers and Supervisors, which makes the achievement of the objectives much easier.